Aims and Scopes 

  Annals of Combinatorics will publish outstanding contributions to combinatorial mathematics in all its aspects. Special regard will be given to new developments which have yet to be given proper recognition, but which in the opinion of the editors show promise of eventual mathematical breakthroughs. Papers published in Annals of Combinatorics will not be limited to the field of combinatorics in the strict sense. They will range over problems and theories that have arisen, or will arise, in applications to computer science, biology, statistics, probability, physics and chemistry, as well as over work of a combinatorial nature in representation theory, number theory, topology, algebraic geometry and the theory of special functions.

  Annals of Combinatorics will also publish research announcements, book reviews, as well as revealing and inspiring expositions. This journal will at all times ensure the efficient and speedy processing of submitted manuscripts.

  For further information, please contact Prof. Bill Chen, the Managing Editor.