Conditions of Sale
Where to place your orders, queries and claims

Journals will be invoiced only in US dollars (USD), euro (EUR) depending on the geographical location of the "end-user" address of the customer.
Payment by bank transfer, cheque and credit card is accepted.

Invoicing Currencies

Subscriptions are priced in US dollar (USD), euro (EUR). EUR prices apply world-wide except in North and South America.
USD prices apply in North and South America.

Conditions of Sale

All subscriptions must be pre-paid. Most journals are supplied on a calendar-year basis; some journals are available on an any-time start basis - these are indicated. The following methods of payment are accepted: cheque, credit transfer, direct debit and credit card. Subscription prices and carriage charges are subject to change without notice.

Ordering Procedures

When ordering please specify on all orders:

  • Full name and address of subscriber incl. postal code
  • Journal Title
  • Year and volume(s) required
  • Amount of the payment accompanying the order
  • Account number if you are already a customer
  • Method of dispatch: normal mail, air mail or SAL
The Customer agrees to make available to the Publisher the name and address of the end customer with the order. This data is necessary to provide online access to the electronic version of the journals via SpringerLink ¨C www.springerlink. com. The Publisher guarantees that this data will only be used for internal purposes and that all regulations regarding the protection of individual data will be observed. Associated companies within the Springer Group will not have access to this data.
Change of Address

Please give at least six weeks notice, including name of periodical and an old address label when indicating your new address.


Please reference your account number when placing a claim to expedite processing. Claims for missing issues should be made within the first 60 days after publication of the following issue. Otherwise such claims cannot be honoured free of charge.


Cancellations must be received by September 30 prior to the subscription year. No cancellation requests will be accepted for the current year once a subscription has been entered and payment has been processed.

Carriage Charges / Dispatch Dates

Carriage charges include surface delivery. Air Mail Surcharges are available upon request. Dispatch dates are available upon request.

Sample Copies

¡®Electronic Sample Copies¡¯ are available for almost all journals in SpringerLink

Back Volumes

Back volumes and back issues are available for nearly all Springer journals. Please ask for our print-on-demand program. Pre-payment is required. No cancellation requests will be accepted once the order is entered.

Ordering Information