Forthcoming Papers

  • On an exact formula for the coefficients of Han's generating function
    Ameya Velingker

  • Partition theorems from creatures and idempotent ultrafilters
    Andrzej Roslanowski and Saharon Shelah

  • Counting Shi regions with a fixed separating wall
    Susanna Fishel, Eleni Tzanaki, and Monica Vazirani

  • On the evaluation of the Tutte polynomial at the points (1,-1) and (2, -1)
    A. J. Goodall, C. Merino, A. de Mier, and M. Noy

  • Combinatorics for graded Cartan matrices of the Iwahori-Hecke algebra of type A
    Masanori Ando, Takeshi Suzuki and Hiro-Fumi Yamada

  • Rotor walks on general trees
    Omer Angel and Alexander E. Holroyd

  • Multiplicity free Schur, skew Schur, and quasisymmetric Schur functions
    C. Bessenrodt and S. van Willigenburg

  • On the singularity of random Bernoulli matrices --- novel integer partitions and lower bound expansions
    Richard Arratia and Stephen DeSalvo

  • On the enumeration of non-crossing pairings of well-balanced binary strings
    Paul R. F. Schumacher and Catherine H. Yan

  • Bijections on rooted trees with fixed size of maximal decreasing subtrees
    Jang Soo Kim

  • Non-gatherable triples for classical affine root systems
    Ivan Cherednik and Keith Schneider

  • Congruences for k-broken partitions
    Marie Jameson

  • Advanced computer algebra for determinants
    Christoph Koutschan and Thotsaporn "Aek" Thanatipanonda

  • A direct way to find the right key of a semistandard Young tableau
    Matthew J. Willis

  • Mathematical aspects of phylogenetic groves
    Mareike Fischer

  • A poset fiber theorem for doubly Cohen-Macaulay posets and its applications
    Myrto Kallipoliti and Martina Kubitzke

  • Unimodality questions for integrally closed lattice polytopes
    Jan Schepers and Leen Van Langenhoven

  • Pure O-sequences and matroid h-vectors
    Tai Ha, Erik Stokes, and Fabrizio Zanello

  • Strong splitter theorem
    Sandra Kingan and Manoel Lemos

  • Row-strict quasisymmetric Schur functions
    Sarah Mason and Jeffrey Remmel

  • Constant term methods in the theory of Tesler matrices and Macdonald polynomial operators
    A. Garsia, J. Haglund and G. Xin

  • Transforms and minors for binary functions
    G. E. Farr

  • Many L-shaped polyominoes have odd rectangular packings
    Michael Reid

  • On the fiber bundle structure of the space of belief functions
    Fabio Cuzzolin

  • A refinement of weak order intervals into distributive lattices
    Hugh Denoncourt

  • Unique path partitions: characterization and Congruences
    Christine Bessenrodt, Jrn B. Olsson and James A. Sellers

  • A Splitter Theorem relative to a fixed basis
    Nick Brettell and Charles Semple

  • Symmetry results for statistics on Fibonacci tableaux
    Naiomi Cameron and Kendra Killpatrick

  • Solving non-homogeneous nested recursions using trees
    Abraham Isgur, Mustazee Rahman, and Stephen Tanny

  • On the orthogonal tableaux of Koike and Terada
    Peter S. Campbell and Anna Stokke