Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 10, No. 3, 2006

Samuel L. Braunstein, Sibasish Ghosh, and Simone Severini
The Laplacian of a Graph as a Density Matrix: A Basic Combinatorial Approach to Separability of Mixed States
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 291-317

Jason Fulman
An Inductive Proof of the Berry-Esseen Theorem for Character Ratios
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 319-332

Larry Goldstein and Gesine Reinert
Total Variation Distance for Poisson Subset Numbers
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 333-341

Michael I. Hartley
Simpler Tests for Semisparse Subgroups
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 343-352

Michael D. Hirschhorn and James A. Sellers
Arithmetic Properties of Overpartitions into Odd Parts
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 353-367

Federico Incitti
Permutation Diagrams, Fixed Points and Kazhdan-Lusztig R-Polynomials
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 369-387

Mathias Lederer
On a Formula for the Kostka Numbers
Ann. Combin. 10 (2006) 389-394