Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 11, No. 1, 2007

A. Dress, K.T. Huber, V. Moulton
Some Uses of the Farris Transform in Mathematics and Phylogenetics--A Review
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 1-37

M. Hachimori, M. Nakamura
A Factorization Theorem of Characteristic Polynomials of Convex Geometries
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 39-46

Frédéric Jouhet
More Seme-Finite Forms of Bilateral Basic Hypergeometric Series
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 47-57

Jean-Christophe Novelli and Jean-Yves Thibon
Parking Functions and Descent Algebras
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 59-68

Kristin M. Shaw, Stephanie van Willigenburg
Multiplicity Free Expansions of Schur P-Functions
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 69-77

JSteven J. Tedford
A Characterization of Mixed Branching Greedoids
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 79-100

Bridget Eileen Tenner
A Non-Messing-Up Phenomenon for Posets
Ann. Combin. 11 (2007) 101-114