Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 12, No. 1, 2008

Jason P. Bell, Stefan Gerhold, Martin Klazar, and Florian Luca
Non-Holonomicity of Sequences Defined via Elementary Functions
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 1-16

Olivier Bernardi
On Triangulations with High Vertex Degree
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 17-44

Trevor C. Bruen and David Bryant
A Subdivision Approach to Maximum Parsimony
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 45-51

William George Griffiths
On Integer Solutions to Linear Equations
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 53-70

Janja Jerebic, Sandi Klav×ar, and Douglas F. Rall
Distance-Balanced Graphs
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 71-79

Markus Kuba and Alois Panholzer
Isolating a Leaf in Rooted Trees via Random Cuttings
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 81-99

Jeremy Lovejoy
Rank and Conjugation for a Second Frobenius Representation of an Overpartition
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 101-113

Giuseppe Pirillo
Morse and Hedlund's Skew Sturmian Words Revisited
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 115-121

Tobias Thierer, David Bryant, and Mike Steel
Counting Ancestral Reconstructions in a Fixed Phylogeny
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 123-132