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Using Lagrangians of Hypergraphs to Find Non-Jumping Numbers (I)
Yuejian Peng
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN 47809, USA
Annals of Combinatorics 12 (3) pp.307-324 September, 2008
AMS Subject Classification: 05D05, 05C65
Let $r\ge 2$ be an integer. A real number $\alpha\in [0,\,1)$ is a jump for $r$ if for any $\epsilon>0$ and any integer $m$, $m\ge r$, any $r$-uniform graph with $n > n_0(\epsilon,\, m)$ vertices and density at least $\alpha + \epsilon$ contains a subgraph with $m$ vertices and density at least $\alpha + c$, where $c=c(\alpha)$ does not depend on $\epsilon$ or $m$. It follows from a result of Erd\H os, Stone, and Simonovits that every $\alpha\in [0,\, 1)$ is a jump for $r=2$. Erd\H os asked whether the same is true for $r\ge 3$. Frankl and R\"odl gave a negative answer by showing an infinite sequence of non-jumping numbers for $r\ge 3$. However, there are a lot of unknowns on determining whether a number is a jump for $r\ge 3$. In this paper, we first find two infinite sequences of non-jumping numbers for $r=4$, then we extend one of the results to every $r\ge 4$. Our approach is still based on the approach developed by Frankl and R\"odl.
Keywords: extremal problems in combinatorics, Erd\H os jumping constant conjecture, Lagrangians of uniform graphs


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