Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 12, No. 3, 2008

Maya Mohsin Ahmed
Polytopes of Magic Labelings of Graphs and the Faces of the Birkhoff Polytope
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 241-269

Arthur T. Benjamin, Sean S. Plott, and James A. Sellers
Tiling Proofs of Recent Sum Identities Involving Pell Numbers
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 271-278

Andreas Dress, Tatjana Lokot, Walter Schubert, and Peter Serocka
Two Theorems about Similarity Maps
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 279-290

Mohamad Kabiya and Raphael Yuster
Circuit-Cocircuit Reversing Systems in Regular Matroids
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 291-306

Yuejian Peng
Using Lagrangians of Hypergraphs to Find Non-Jumping Numbers (I)
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 307-324

Hadi Salmasian
Equality of Schur's Q-functions and Their Skew Analogues
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 325-346

Olof Sivertsson, Pierre Flener, and Justin Pearson
A Bound on the Overlap of Same-Sized Subsets
Ann. Combin. 12 (2008) 347-352