Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 13, No. 2, 2009

C\'{e}cile An\'{e}, Oliver Eulenstein, Raul Piaggio-Talice, and Michael J. Sanderson
Groves of Phylogenetic Trees
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 139-167

F. De Carli, A. Frosini, S. Rinaldi, and L. Vuillon
On the Tiling System Recognizability of Various Classes of Convex Polyominoes
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 169-191

Andreas Dress
Even Set Systems
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 193-198

Andreas Dress
Split Decomposition over an Abelian Group Part 1: Generalities
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 199-232

Zhicheng Gao, Valery A. Liskovets, and Nicholas Wormald
Enumeration of Unrooted Odd-Valent Regular Planar Maps
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 233-259

Hong Wang
Packing Three Copies of a Tree into a Complete Bipartite Graph
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 261-269