Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 13, No. 4, 2009

Steve Butler and Fan Chung
Small Spectral Gap in the Combinatorial Laplacian Implies Hamiltonian
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 403-412

Steve Butler and Ron Graham
Enumerating (Multiplex) Juggling Sequences
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 413-424

Beifang Chen
Orientations, Lattice Polytopes, and Group Arrangements I: Chromatic and Tension Polynomials of Graphs
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 425-452

Valentin Féray
Stanley's Formula for Characters of the Symmetric Group
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 453-461

Chris Godsil and Karen Meagher
Multiplicity-Free Permutation Representations of the Symmetric Group
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 463-490

Wen Jiang, Ye Li, and Xingxing Yu
Maximum IPP Codes of Length 3
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 491-510

Matjaz Konvalinka
On Goulden-Jackson's Determinantal Formula for the Immanant
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 511-518

Thomas Pietraho
A Relation for Domino Robinson-Schensted Algorithms
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 519-532

Michael J. Rowell
A Combinatorial Interpretation of a General Case of a Fine Identity
Ann. Combin. 13 (2009) 533-548