Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 14, No. 4, 2010

Karen S. Briggs, David P. Little, and James A. Sellers
Combinatorial Proofs of Various q-Pell Identities via Tilings
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 407-418

Seth Chaiken, Christopher R.H. Hanusa, and Thomas Zaslavsky
Nonattacking Queens in a Rectangular Strip
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 419-441

Ömer Egecioglu
A Prime Sensitive Hankel Determinant of Jacobi Symbol Enumerators
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 443-456

Shinya Fujita, Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi
Contractible Triples in Highly Connected Graphs
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 457-465

R. M. Green
On the Maximally Clustered Elements of Coxeter Groups
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 467-478

Peter J. Humphries
Bounds on the Size of the TBR Unit-Neighbourhood
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 479-485

Jakob Jonsson
On the 3-Torsion Part of the Homology of the Chessboard Complex
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 487-505

Florian Luca and Igor E. Shparlinski
On the g-Ary Expansions of Apéry, Motzkin, Schröder and Other Combinatorial Numbers
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 507-524

Bojan Mohar
2-Cell Embeddings with Prescribed Face Lengths and Genus
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 525-532

Carsten Schneider
Parameterized Telescoping Proves Algebraic Independence of Sums
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 533-552

Bridget Eileen Tenner
Spotlight Tiling
Ann. Combin. 14 (2010) 553-568