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Twisted Gelfand Pairs of Complex Reflection Groups and r-Congruence Properties of Schur Functions
Hiroshi Mizukawa
Department of Mathematics, National Defense Academy of Japan, Yokosuka 239-8686, Japan
Annals of Combinatorics 15 (1) pp.119-125 January, 2011
AMS Subject Classification: 05A17, 05E05, 05E10
This note gives the r-congruence properties of Schur functions which arise from a twisted Gelfand pair (G(r; 1; n); Sn; sgn). Numerators of the Weyl character formula of type A appear in Specht modules for the complex reflection groups indexed by column partitions. This fact is applied to the study of Schur functions.
Keywords: Schur functions, cores and quotients of partitions, twisted Gelfand pairs


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