Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 15, No. 2, 2011

R.J. Baxter
Hard Squares for z = −1
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 185-195

David Bessis and Victor Reiner
Cyclic Sieving of Noncrossing Partitions for Complex Reflection Groups
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 197-222

Soojin Cho, Eun-Kyoung Jung, and Dongho Moon
A Hive-Model Proof of the Second Reduction Formula of Littlewood-Richardson Coefficients
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 223-231

Dragomir Z. Dokovic
Cyclic (v; r, s; λ) Difference Families with Two Base Blocks and v ≤ 50
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 233-254

Beáta Faller, Charles Semple, and Dominic Welsh
Optimizing Phylogenetic Diversity with Ecological Constraints
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 255-266

Chris Godsil and Gordon F. Royle
Cores of Geometric Graphs
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 267-276

I. P. Goulden, Alexandru Nica and Ion Oancea
Enumerative Properties of NC(B)(p,q)
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 277-303

Guo-Niu Han and Ken Ono
Hook Lengths and 3-Cores
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 305-312

Guy Louchard and Helmut Prodinger
The q-Catalan Numbers: A Saddle Point Approach
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 313-329

Svetlana Poznanovic
A Bijection Between Partially Directed Paths in the SymmetricWedge and Matchings
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 331-339

José Plınio O. Santos, Paulo Mondek, and Andréia C. Ribeiro
New Two-Line Arrays Representing Partitions
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 341-354

Elmar Teufl and Stephan Wagner
The Number of Spanning Trees in Self-Similar Graphs
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 355-380