Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 15, No. 3, 2011

I. P. Goulden, D. M. Jackson and R. Vakil
The Moduli Space of Curves, Double Hurwitz Numbers, and Faberís Intersection Number Conjecture
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 381-436

Aaron D. Jaggard and Joseph J. Marincel
Generating-Tree Isomorphisms for Pattern-Avoiding Involutions
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 437-448

Hidehiko Kamiya, Akimichi Takemura and Hiroaki Terao
Periodicity of Non-Central Integral Arrangements Modulo Positive Integers
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 449-464

Simone Linz and Charles Semple
A Cluster Reduction for Computing the Subtree Distance Between Phylogenies
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 465-484

Lars-Daniel ÷hman
Partial Latin Squares Are Avoidable
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 485-497

Brendon Rhoades and Mark Skandera
Bitableaux and Zero Sets of Dual Canonical Basis Elements
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 499-528

Dudley Stark
The Edge Correlation of Random Forests
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 529-539

Le Anh Vinh
On a Furstenberg-Katznelson-Weiss Type Theorem over Finite Fields
Ann. Combin. 15 (2011) 541-547