Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 16, No. 1, 2012

Anouk Bergeron-Brlek, Christophe Hohlweg, and Mike Zabrocki
Words and Polynomial Invariants of Finite Groups in Non-Commutative Variables
Ann. Combin. 16 (2012) 1-36

Türker Bıyıkoglu and Yusuf Civan
Four-Cycled Graphs with Topological Applications
Ann. Combin. 16 (2012) 37-56

Filippo Disanto, Enrica Duchi, Renzo Pinzani, and Simone Rinaldi
Polyominoes Determined by Permutations: Enumeration via Bijections
Ann. Combin. 16 (2012) 57-75

A.M. Garsiaand J. Haglund
A New Recursion in the Theory of Macdonald Polynomials
Ann. Combin. 16 (2012) 77-106

Sean McGuinness
An Erdos-Gallai Theorem for Matroids
Ann. Combin. 16 (2012) 107-119

Terence Taoand Tamar Ziegler
The Inverse Conjecture for the Gowers Norm over Finite Fields in Low Characteristic
Ann. Combin. 16 (2012) 121-180