Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 8, No. 4, 2004

Federico Ardila
Subdominant Matroid Ultrametrics
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 379-389.

Mihaela Baroni, Charles Semple, and Mike Steel
A Framework for Representing Reticulate Evolution
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 391-408

Magnus Bordewich and Charles Semple
On the Computational Complexity of the Rooted Subtree Prune and Regraft Distance
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 409-423

Omar Colon-Reyes, Reinhard Laubenbacher, and Bodo Pareigis
Boolean Monomial Dynamical Systems
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 425-439.

Claudine Devauchelle, AndreasW.M. Dress, Alexander Grossmann, Stefan Grunewald, and Alain Henaut
Constructing Hierarchical Set Systems
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 441-456.

AndreasW.M. Dress and Peter L. Erdos
Reconstructing Words from Subwords in Linear Time
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 457-462.

AndreasW.M. Dress, Jack Koolen, and Vincent Moulton
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 463-471.

AndreasW.M. Dress, T. Lokot, L.D. Pustyl'nikov, and W. Schubert
Poisson Numbers and Poisson Distributions in Subset Surprisology
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 473-485.

AndreasW.M. Dress and Dragan Stevanovic
A Note on a Theorem of Horst Sachs
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 487-497.

Chan Zhou and Huimin Xie
Exact Distribution of the Occurrence Number for K-tuples Over an Alphabet of Non-Equal Probability Letters
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 499-506.