Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 9, No. 2, 2005

T.L. Alderson
Extending MDS Codes
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 125-135

Antonio Bernini, Luca Ferrari, and Renzo Pinzani
Enumerating Permutations Avoiding Three Babson-Steingrimsson Patterns
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 137-162

Gregory M. Constantine
Colorful Isomorphic Spanning Trees in Complete Graphs
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 163-167

Joshua N. Cooper and Jozsef Solymosi
Collinear Points in Permutations
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 169-175

Peter L. Erdos, Akos Seress, and Laszlo A. Szekely
Non-Trivial t-Intersection in the Function Lattice
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 177-187

Masaaki Harada, Akihiro Munemasa, and Vladimir D. Tonchev
A Characterization of Designs Related to an Extremal Doubly-Even Self-Dual Code of Length 48
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 189-198

S.R. Kingan and Manoel Lemos
An Excluded-Minor Problem in Matroids
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 199-204

Mohamud Mohammed
The q-Markov-WZ Method
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 205-221

Georg Regensburger and Otmar Scherzer
Symbolic Computation for Moments and Filter Coefficients of Scaling Functions
Ann. Combin. 9 (2005) 223-243