Annals of Combinatorics 2 (1998) 165-172

Fault-tolerant Routing in Circulant Networks and Cycle Prefix networks

Sheng-Chyang Liaw1, Gerard J. Chang1, Feng Cao2, and D. Frank Hsu3

1Department of Applied Mathematics, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu 30050, Taiwan
  {scliaw, gjchang}

2Department of Computer Science, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA

3Department of Computer and Information Science, Fordham University   LL813, 113 West 60th Street, New York, NY 10023, USA

Received October 22, 1996

AMS Subject Classification: 05C12, 05C40

Abstract. Reliability and efficiency are important criteria in the design of interconnection networks. Connectivity is a widely used measurement for network fault-tolerance capacities, while diameter determines routing efficiency along individual paths. In practice, we are interested in high-connectivity, small-diameter networks. Recently, Hsu introduced the notion of w-wide diameter, which unifies diameter and connectivity. This paper investigates the w-wide diameter dw(G) and two related parameters: w-fault diameter Dw(G) and w-Rabin number rw(G). In particular, we determine dw(G) and Dw(G) for $2 \le w \le k(G)$ and G is a circulant digraph G(dn; {1,d,...,dn-1}) or a cycle prefix digraph.

Keywords: routing, circulant network, cycle prefix network, connectivity, diameter, container, wide diameter, fault diameter, Rabin number


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