Annals of Combinatorics, Volume2, No. 4, 1998

N. Alon and M. Krivelevich
The Choice Number of Random Bipartite Graphs
Ann. Combin. 2 (1998) 291-297.

A.W.M. Dress, K.T.Huber, and V. Moulton
A Comparison Between Two Distinct Continuous Models in Projective Cluster Theory: The Median and the Tight--Span Construction
Ann. Combin. 2 (1998) 299-311.

S. Jendrol' and H.-J. Voss
Light Paths with an Odd Number of Vertices in LargePolyhedral Maps
Ann. Combin. 2 (1998) 313-324.

A. Pasini and G. Pica
Wrapping Polygons in Polygons
Ann. Combin. 2 (1998) 325-349.

R. P. Stanley
Spanning Trees and a Conjecture of Kontsevich
Ann. Combin. 2 (1998) 351-363.

J. R. Stembridge
Counting Points on Varieties over Fields Related to a Conjecture of kontsevich
Ann. Combin. 2 (1998) 365-385.