Annals of Combinatorics, Volume3, No. 1, 1999
(Special Issue, Combinatoric and Biology)

Sebastian Böcker, Andreas W. M. Dress, and Mike A. Steel
Patching Up X-Trees
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 1-12.

William J. Bruno, Gian-Carlo Rota, and David C. Torney
Probability Set Functions
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 13-25.

Mark A. Chateauneuf, Charles J. Colbourn, Donald L. Kreher, Esther R. Lamken, and David C. Torney
Pooling, Lattice Square, and Union Jack Designs
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 27-35.

Charles J. Colbourn
Group Testing for Consecutive Positives
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 37-41.

Charles J. Colbourn
Weakly Union-free Maximum Packings
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 43-52.

Péter L. Erd\H os
Some Generalizations of Property B and the SplittingProperty
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 53-59.

Anthony J. Macula
Probabilistic Nonadaptive Group Testing in the Presence of Errors and DNA Library Screening
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 61-69.

K. Sinha and R. K. Mitra
Construction of Nested Balanced Block Designs, Rectangular Designs and q-ary Codes
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 71-80

John L. Spouge, Aron Marchler-Bauer and Stephen Bryant
The Combinatorics and Extreme Value Statistics of Protein Threading
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 81-93

David C. Torney
Sets Pooling Designs
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 95-101

Michael A. Steel and László A. Székely
Inverting Random Functions
Ann. Combin. 3 (1998) 103-113.