Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 3, No. 2-4, 1999
(Special Issue,Combinatorcs and Statistical Mechanics)

G. E. Andrews
Stacked Latticd BoXes
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 115-130

J. -Ch. Anglè s d'Auriac, S. Boukraa, and J.-M. Maillard
Functional Relations in Lattice Statistical Mechanics,Enumerative Combinatorics, and Discrete Dynamical Systems
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 131-158.

T. H. Baker and P. J. Forrester
Symmetric Jack Polynomials from Non-Symmetric Theory
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 159-170.

E. Barcucci, A. Del Lungo, E. Pergola, and R. Pinzani
Some Combinatorial Interpretations of q-Analogs of Schröder Numbers
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 171-190.

R. J. Baxter
Planar Lattice Gases with Nearest-Neighbor Exclusion
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 191-203.

Christian Borgs, Jennifer Chayes, Remco van der Hofstad, and Gordon Slade
Mean-Field Lattice Trees
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 205-221.

M. Bousquet-Mélou, A. J. Guttmann, W .P. Orrick, and A. Rechnitzer
Inversion Relations, Reciprocity and Polyominoes
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 223-249

R. Brak, J. W. Essam, and A. L. Owczarek
From the Bethe Ansatz to the Gessel--Viennot Theorem
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 251-263

R. Brak, J. W. Essam, and A. L. Owczarek
Partial Difference Equation Method for Lattice Path Problems
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 265-275

P. Butera and M. Comi
Enumeration of the Self-avoiding Polygons on a Lattice by the Schwinger--Dyson Equations
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 277-286

Attilio Cucchieri, Tereza Mendes, and Andrea Pelissetto
Pseudo-Character Expansions for U(N)-Invariant Spin Models on CPN-1
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 287-310.

Philippe Duchon
Q-Grammars and Wall Polyominoes
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 311-321.

Steven R. Finch
Several Constants Arising in Statistical Mechanics
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 323-335.

M. Katori, T. Tsuchiya, N. Inui, and H. Kakuno
Baxter--Guttmann--Jensen Conjecture for Power Series in Directed Percolation Problem
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 337-356.

Neal Madras
A Pattern Theorem for Lattice Clusters
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 357-384

Dan Marshall
Symmetric and Nonsymmetric Macdonald Polynomials
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 385-415

C. Merino and D. J. A. Welsh
Forests, Colorings and Acyclic Orientations of the Square Lattice
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 417-429

Cristian Micheletti, Flavio Seno, Amos Maritan, and Jayanth R. Banavar
Strategies for Protein Folding and Design
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 431-450

Buks van Rensburg
Adsorbing Staircase Walks and Staircase Polygons
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 451-473

F. Y. Wu and H. Kunz
Restricted Random Walks on a Graph
Ann. Combin. 3 (1999) 475-481