Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 4, No. 3/4, 2000

Preface (by J.D. Louck)

B. Hao, H. Xie, Z. Yu, and G. Chen
Avoided Strings in Bacterial Complete Genomes and a Related Combinatorial Problem
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 247-255.

D. Flath and J. Towber
A Combinatorial Problem in the Representation Theory of SL(n)
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 257-268.

S. Corteel, A. Denise, and D. Gouyou-Beauchamps
Bijection for Directed Animals on Infinite Families of Lattices
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 269-284.

J.P.S. Kung
Differential Symmetric Functions
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 285-297.

R. Winkel
From Quantum Cohomology to Algebraic Combinatorics: The Example of Flag Manifolds
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 299-305.

S.A. Fulling
Graph and Group Classifications of Terms in Adiabatic and Semiclassical Expansions
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 307-316.

Y. Chang and T. Huang
Imprimitive Association Schemes of Low Ranks and Higmanian Graphs
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 317-326.

G.E. Andrews
MacMahon's Partition Analysis: II Fundamental Theorems
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 327-338.

B. Hao
Number of Periodic Orbits in Continous Maps of the Interval-Complete Solution of the Counting Problem
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 339-346.

R.A. Gustafson and M.A. Rakha
q-Beta Integrals and Multivariate Basic Hypergeometric Series Associated to Root Systems of Type Am
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 347-373.

C.M. Reidys
Random Structures
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 375-382.

D. Uglov
Skew Schur Functions and Yangian Actions on Irreducible Integrable Modules of 
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 383-400.

T. Huang and H. Guo
Some Remarks on Four-Weight Spin Models
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 401-412.

J.D. Louck
Unitary Group Theory and the Discovery of the Factorial Schur Functions
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 413-432.

M. Aguiar
Zonotopes, Braids, and Quantum Groups
Ann. Combin. 4 (2000) 433-468.