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Factorization of Schur's Q-Functions and Plethysm
Hiroshi Mizukawa
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Okayama University, Okayama, 700-8530, Japan
Division of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo 060-0810, Japan
Annals of Combinatorics 6 (1) p.87-101 March, 2002
AMS Subject Classification: 05E10
In this paper, a factorization formula of Schur's Q-functions is shown. This formula gives us plethysms . Moreover, some formulas of spin characters of symmetric groups are presented.
Keywords: bar-cores and bar-quotients of partition, Schur's Q-function, plethysm, Littlewood-Richardson's rule for Schur's Q-functions


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