Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 6, No. 1, 2002

Hiroshi Era, Kenjiro Ogawa and Morimasa Tsuchiya
On Upper Bound Graphs with Respect to Unary Operations on Graphs
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 1-6.

Reinhard O.W. Franz and Berton A. Earnshaw
A Constructive Enumeration of Meanders
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 7-17.

Jason Fulman
GL(n, q) and Increasing Subsequences in Non-Uniform Random Permutations
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 19-32.

Akira Hiraki and Jack Koolen
An Improvement of the Godsil Bound
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 33-44.

Vladimir V. Kisil
Polynomial Sequences of Binomial Type and Path Integrals
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 45-56.

T. Kojima, K. Ando, and A. Kaneko
Cellular Structures Edge-Wide-Diameter of Graphs with Diameter d
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 57-64.

Toufik Mansour
Restricted 1-3-2 Permutations and Generalized Patterns
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 65-76.

Peter McMullen and Egon Schulte
The Mix of a Regular Polytope with a Face
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 77-86.

H. Mizukawa
Factorization of Schur's Q-Functions and Plethysm
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 87-101.

I. Pinelis
An Extension of Hall's Theorem
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 103-106.

Medhat A.~Rakha
Some Basic Extensions of Gustafson-Rakha's Multivariate Basic Hypergeometric Series
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 107-115.

Victor Reiner
Note on a Theorem of Eng
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 117-118.