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Lattice Structure and Convergence of a Game of Cards
Eric Goles1, Michel Morvan2, and Ha Duong Phan3
1Departamento de Ingenier赤a Matem芍tica, Escuela de Ingenier赤a, Universidad de Chile, Casilla 170-Correo 3, Santiago, Chile
2LIAFA, Universit谷 Denis Diderot Paris 7 and Institut Universitaire de France, Case 7014-2Place Jussieu-75256 Paris Cedex, France
3LIAFA, Universit谷 Denis Diderot Paris 7, Case 7014-2, Place Jussieu-75256 Paris Cedex, France
Annals of Combinatorics 6 (3) p.327-335 September, 2002
AMS Subject Classification: 91A46
We study the dynamics of the so-called Game of Cards by using tools developed in the context of discrete dynamical systems. We extend a result of [4] and [10] (the last one in the context of distributed systems) that established a necessary and sufficient condition for the game to converge. We precisely describe the lattice structure of the set of configurations and we state bounds for the convergence time.
Keywords: integer composition, order, lattice, convergence


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