Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 6, No. 3-4, 2002

Jason Bandlow,Eric S. Egge,Kendra Killpatrick
A Weight-Preserving Bijection Between SchrÖder Paths and SchrÖder Permutations
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 235-248.

Valmir C. Barbosa
The Interleaved Multichromatic Number of a Graph
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 249-256.

D. Cieslik, A. Dress, K.T. Huber, V. Moulton
Embedding Complexity and Discrete Optimization I: A New Divide and Conquer
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 257-273

D. Cieslik, A. Dress, K.T. Huber,V. Moulton
Embedding Complexity and Discrete Optimization II: A Dynamical Programming Approach to the Steiner-Tree Problem
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 275-283.

Bart De Bruyn
Near Polygons Having a big sub Near Polygon Isomorphic to Hn
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 285-294.

Mike Develin
Cayley Compactifications of Abelian Groups
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 295-312.

Zhicheng Gao, and Nicholas C. Wormald
Enumeration of Rooted Cubic Planar Maps
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 313-325.

Eric Goles, Michel Morvan and Ha Duong Phan
Lattice Structure and Convergence of a Game of Cards
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 327-335.

R.M. Green and J. Losonczy
Freely Braided Elements in Coxeter Groups
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 337-348.

Olivier Guibert and Toufik Mansour
Some Statistics on Restricted 132 Involutions
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 349-374.

Mahendra Jani, Robert G. Rieper, and Melkamu Zeleke
Enumeration of K-Trees and Applications
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 375-382.

Jyoichi Kaneko
Forrester's Conjectured Constant Term Identity II
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 383-397.

Michel Lassalle
A New Family of Positive Integers
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 399-405.

Toufik Mansour and Aaron Robertson
Refined Restricted Permutations Avoiding Subsets of Patterns of Length Three
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 407-418.

C.M. Reidys
Covering Maps over n-Cubes
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 419-426.

Aaron Robertson, Dan Saracino, and Doron Zeilberger
Refined Restricted Permutations
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 427-444.

Uriel Scott
Minimal Color Assignments on Pure Simplicial Complexes
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 445-461.

J. van den Heuvel
Radio Channel Assignment on 2-Dimensional Lattices
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 463-477.

Qinglin Yu
A Note on Extendability and Factor-Criticality
Ann. Combin. 6 (2002) 479-481.