Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 7, No. 3, 2003

R. Cordovil and D. Forge
Diagonal Bases in Orlik-Solomon Type Algebras
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 247-257.

A. Dress, R. Giegerich, S. Grünewald, and H. Wagner
Fibonacci-Cayley Numbers and Repetition Patterns in Genomic DNA
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 259-279.

S. Elizalde and E. Deutsch
A Simple and Unusual Bijection for Dyck Paths and its Consequences
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 281-297.

A. Korzeniowski
On Universal Representation of Random Graphs
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 299-313.

J. Liu and D.R. Lick
On λ-Fold Equipartite Oberwolfach Problem with Uniform Table Sizes
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 315-323.

M. Mainetti
Symmetric Operations on Equivalence Relations
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 325-348.

T. Mansour
Coloured Permutations Containing and Avoiding Certain Patterns
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 349-355.

P.R.J. Östergård and T. Riihonen
A Covering Problem for Tori
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 357-363.

Y.S. Song
Notes on the Combinatorics of Rooted Binary Phylogenetic Trees
Ann. Combin. 7 (2003) 365-379.