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Distance-2-Matchings of Random Graphs
C.M. Reidys
Los Alamos National Laboratory, MS M997, CCS-5, Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
Annals of Combinatorics 8 (1) p.93-101 March, 2004
AMS Subject Classification: 05C80, 05C70
In this paper we study the maximal size of a distance-2-matching in a random graph Gn, M, i.e., the probability space consisting of subgraphs of the complete graph over n vertices, Kn, having exactly M edges and uniform probability measure. A distance-2-matching in a graph Y, M2, is a set of Y-edges with the property that for any two elements every pair of their 4 incident vertices has Y-distance 2. Let M2(Y) be the maximal size of a distance-2-matching in Y. Our main results are the derivation of a lower bound for M2(Y) and a sharp concentration result for the random variable for M=c (n-1)/2 with c > 0.
Keywords: random graph, martingale, distance-2-matchings


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