Annals of Combinatorics, Volume 8, No. 2, 2004

A. Björner and A. Hultman
A Note on Blockers in Posets
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 123-131.

A. De Wispelaere and H. Van Maldeghem
A Distance-2-Spread of the Generalized Hexagon H(3)
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 133-154.

T.-S. Fu and K.-S. Lin
A Unified Construction of Two-Dimensional Pooling
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 155-159.

O. Ganyushkin and V. Mazorchuk
Combinatorics of Nilpotents in Symmetric Inverse Semigroups
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 161-175.

M. Hagiwara, M. Ishikawa, and H. Tagawa
A Characterization of the Simply-Laced FC-Finite Coxeter Groups
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 177-196.

L. Lapointe and J. Morse
Order Ideals in Weak Subposets of Young's Lattice and Associated Unimodality Conjectures
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 197-219.

M.P. Quine
On the Escape Probability for a Left or Right Continuous Random Walk
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 221-223.

X. Sun and D. Zeilberger
On Fraenkel's N-Heap Wythoff's Conjectures
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 225-238.

S. Tanimoto
On the Numbers of Orbits of Permutations under an Operator Related to Eulerian Numbers
Ann. Combin. 8 (2004) 239-250.