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August 14, Morning
Chair: B. Chen  
8:40--9:00 opening ceremony    
9:00--10:00 D. Zeilberger Why is it so hard to count
[Detailed contents]
10:00--10:30 tea break    
10:30--11:30 G. Andrews
Partitions with early repetitions and Slater's list
12:00  Lunch
August 14, Afternoon
Chair: P. Paule
14:30--15:30 J. Louck Shape transformations of binary trees
15:30--15:45 tea break    
15:45--16:45 V. Moll The method of brackets
16:45--17:00 tea break    
17:00--17:30 G. Xin
On Zeilberger's constant term for Andrews'TSSCPP theorem
August 14, Evening
18:30 banquet    
August 15, Morning
Chair: G. Andrews
9:00--10:00 K. Alladi Variations on themes of Euler and Gauss in the theory of partitions
10:00-10:30 tea break    
10:30--11:30 P. Paule Symbolic combinatorics: new algorithmic methods in physics, number theory, and special functions  
12:00  Lunch    
August 15, Afternoon
Chair: V. Moll  
14:30--15:30 M. Kauers The qTSPP theorem
15:30--15:45 tea break    
15:45--16:45 F. Chyzak Explicit Formula for the Generating Series of Diagonal 3D Rook Paths
16:45--17:00 tea break    
17:00--17:30 S. Chen Two criteria for the existence of telescopers in the continuous-discrete cases
17:40 photo  
18:00 Dinner  
August 16, Morning
Chair: M. Kauers  
9:00--10:00 B. Chen Recent progress in q-identities
10:00-10:30 tea break    
10:30--11:30 C. Schneider A symbolic summation toolbox to evaluate 3--loop Feynman integrals
12:00  Lunch    
August 16, Afternoon
Chair: F. Chyzak  
14:30--15:30 H. Wilf How to lose as little as possible
15:30--15:45 tea break    
15:45--16:15 Larry S.C. Liu Catalan numbers modulo a prime power
16:15--16:25 tea break    
16:25--16:55 Q.-H. Hou
The Abel-Zeilberger algorithm
17:00--17:20 closing ceremony