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  List of Submitted Manuscripts
  1. On the Choice Numbers of Some Complete Multipartite Graphs
    G.L. Chia and V.L. Chia
  2. Graceful Labeling of Rooted Trees with Paths
    Midori Kobayashi, Gisaku Nakamura and Chie Nara
  3. On the Upper Chromatic Numbers of Mixed Interval Hypertrees
    Ping Zhao, Kefeng Diao
  4. Perfect geodomination in graphs
    Doost Ali Mojdeh, Nader Jafari Rad
  5. Core Stability of Flow Games
    Xiaoxun Sun and Qizhi Fang
  6. On 2-Connected Simple MCD Graph
    Yong-Bing Shi and Hua Tang, Yincai Tang, Lingliu Gong
  7. A neighborhood condition for graphs to have [a, b]-factors III
    M. Kano and Haruhide Matsuda
  8. Impossibility of Transformation of Vertex Labeled Simple Graphs Preserving The Cut-Size Order
    Hiro Ito
  9. Sucient Conditions for the Existence of Perfect Heterochromatic Matchings in Colored Graphs
    Lin Hu and Xueliang Li
  11. Contractible edges in a k-connected graph
    Kiyoshi Ando
    Guizhen Liu Changqing XU
  13. The decycling number of cubic planar graphs
    Narong Punnim
  14. Quasilocally Connected, Almost Locally Connected or Triangularly Connected Claw-free Graphs
    Xiaoying Qu, Houyuan Lin
  15. Roman domination number and Domination number of a tree
    Xiaoxin Song
  16. The (Adjacent)Vertex-Distinguishing Total Coloring of the Mycielski Graphs and the Cartesian Product Graphs
    Yanli Sun Lei Sun
  17. A Note on the Integrity of Middle Graphs
    Aygul Mamut and Elkin Vumar
  18. Three Classes of Bipartite Integral Graphs
    Ligong Wang and Hao Sun
  19. The super restricted edge connectivity of Kautz undirected graphs
    Shiying Wang and Shangwei Lin
  20. Saturated Bipartite Graphs
    Guozhi Zhang and Shiying Wang
  21. Hamiltonicity of complements of total graphs
    Guoyan Ma and Baoyindureng Wu
  22. The Binding Number of a Digraph
    Genjiu Xu, Xueliang Li, and Shenggui Zhang
  23. On 2-Connected Non-GPP Simple MCD Graphs
    Yong-Bing Shi, Yin-Cai Tang, and Li Xu
  24. Proof of a Sufficient and Necessary Condition of Hamiltonian Graph
    Yang Hong
  25. Domination in graphs of minimum degree four
    Moo Young Sohn, Yuan Xudong
  26. Fractional (1,f)-Odd Factors of Graphs
    Jiguo Yu and Guizhen Liu
  27. The Fractional Vertex Arboricity of Graphs
    Qinglin Yu and Liancui Zuo
  28. The Kauffman Bracket Polynomial of Links and Universal Signed Plane Graph
    Weiling Yang and Fuji Zhang
  29. Regular Coronoids and Ear Decompositions of Plane Elementary Bipartite Graphs
    Heping Zhang
  30. An Implicit Weighted Degree Condition for Heavy Cycles in Weighted Graphs
    Bing Chen, Shenggui Zhang, and T.C. Edwin Cheng
  31. Note on Characterization of Uniquely 3-List Colorable Complete Multipartite Graphs
    Yongqiang Zhao, Wenjie He, Yufa Shen, and Yanning Wang
  32. An Algorithm for Generating a 5-optimal Triangulation
    Yinfeng Xu and Wenqiang Dai
  33. Triangles in Rectangles
    Liping Yuan, Yevgenya Movshovich, and Ren Ding
  34. General balanced subdivision of two sets of points in the plane
    M. Kano and Miyuki Uno
  35. Rotational Steiner Ratio Problem under Uniform Orientation Metrics
    Songpu Shang, Xiaodong Hu, and Tong Jing
  36. On the Relative Lengths of the Sides of Convex Nonagons
    Zhanjun Su and Ren Ding
  37. On the Existence of a Point Subset with 3 or 5 Interior Points
    Xianglin Wei, Wenhua Lan and Ren Ding
  38. Reconformation of Two Results on Disjoint Empty Convex Polygons
    Liping Wu and Ren Ding
  39. The Number of Congruent Non-acute Isosceles Triangles Induced by n Points
    Changqing Xu and Ren Ding
  40. Realization of Catmull-Clark Subdivision Algorithm Based on Quadrilateral Network
    Yang Junqing
  41. A Note about Bezdek's Conjecture on Covering a Annulus by Strips
    Yuqin Zhang and Ren Ding
  42. Generalizations of the 3-point Interpolatory Subdivision Scheme and Their Application in Terrain Simulation
    Hongchan Zheng, Zhenglin Ye, Hongqing Zhao and Youming Lei
  43. Developability of Subdivision Surfaces
    Zhou Min, Ye Zhenglin, Peng Guohua, Ren Shuili
  44. The Maximum Flow in a Time-Varying Generalized Network
    D. Sha, X. Cai, and C.K. Wong
  45. Coverage of Wireless Sensor Networks
    Guo-Lie Lan, Zhi-Ming Ma and Su-Yong Sun
  46. Equidistant pairs on two lattice lines
    Jin Akiyama, Midori Kobayashi, Gisaku Nakamura and Chie Nara
  47. Isolated Toughness and Existence of f-factors
    Yinghong Ma and Qinglin Yu