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Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science

Editor in chief: Janos Simon
ISSN: 1073-0486
Publisher: Department of Computer Science, The University of Chicago

Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science


The Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal in theoretical computer science. Articles are submitted and published in LaTeX source form, and distributed internationally over the InterNet. Articles are augmented by refereed forward references to improvements and subsequent related work. Readers may obtain articles through FTP, and HTTP (World Wide Web). Other widely used network tools will be supported as they arise in the future. The Journal is committed to minimizing publication delays, and to promoting maximum flexibility in the ways that readers use the journal for teaching, research, and scholarship. Access to articles is open, with shared copyright between the journal and the author.

Editorial Board


Janos Simon

Consulting Editors:

Eric Allender

Raimund Seidel

Editorial Board:

Martin Abadi Pankaj Agarwal Tetsuo Asano
László Babai Eric Bach Stephen Brookes
Jin-Yi Cai Anne Condon Cynthia Dwork
David Eppstein Ronald Fagin Lance Fortnow
Steven Fortune Greg Frederickson Andrew Goldberg
Georg Gottlob Vassos Hadzilacos Juris Hartmanis
Maurice Herlihy Ted Herman Stephen Homer
Neil Immerman Howard Karloff Philip Klein
Phokion Kolaitis Stuart A. Kurtz Stephen Mahaney
Michael Merritt John Mitchell Ketan Mulmuley
Gil Neiger David Peleg Andrew Pitts
James Royer Alan Selman Nir Shavit
Eva Tardos Sam Toueg Jennifer Welch
Pierre Wolper    
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