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Discrete and Computational Geometry

Editors-in-Chief: J.E. Goodman, J. Pach and R. Pollack
ISSN: 0179-5376 (Paper) 1432-0444 (Online)
Publisher: Springer New York

Discrete and Computational Geometry


Discrete & Computational Geometry is an international journal of mathematics and computer science, covering a broad range of topics in which geometry plays a fundamental role. It accepts research articles of high quality in discrete geometry and on the design and analysis of geometric algorithms; more specifically, DCG publishes papers on such topics as configurations and arrangements, spatial subdivision, packing, covering, and tiling, geometric complexity, polytopes, point location, geometric probability, geometric range searching, combinatorial and computational topology, probabilistic techniques in computational geometry, geometric graphs, geometry of numbers, and motion planning, as well as papers with a distinct geometric flavor in such areas as graph theory, mathematical programming, real algebraic geometry, matroids, solid modeling, computer graphics, combinatorial optimization, image processing, pattern recognition, crystallography, VLSI design, and robotics.

Editorial Board


Jacob E. Goodman

János Pach

Richard Pollack

Editorial Board:

Pankaj K. Agarwal Tetsuo Asano David Avis
Imre Bárány Alexander Barvinok Louis J. Billera
Vladimir G. Boltyanski Bernard Chazelle David P. Dobkin
Herbert Edelsbrunner Gábor Fejes Tóth Ronald L. Graham
Branko Grščnbaum Leonidas J. Guibas Gil Kalai
Victor Klee Donald E. Knuth Jeffrey C. Lagarias
László Lovász Jirí Matousek Peter McMullen
Joseph S. B. Mitchell Joseph O'Rourke Mark H. Overmars
Bruce L. Rothschild Marie-Françoise Roy Rolf Schneider
Raimund Seidel Marjorie Senechal Micha Sharir
N. J. A. Sloane Bernd Sturmfels Robert E. Tarjan
William P. Thurston Emo Welzl Jörg M. Wills
Günter M. Ziegler
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