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Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics

Founding & managing editors: Alex Iosevich, Izabella Laba, Sinai Robins
Online Journal of Analytic Combinatorics


OJAC will publish papers on a wide range of topics, from analysis to number theory and combinatorics, with emphasis on the convergence and interactions between these fields. We particularly encourage submission of articles which may have one of the following features:

  • Combinatorial results and analytic methods.
  • Analytic results and combinatorial methods.
  • A mixture of combinatorics and analysis in the methods or in their applications.
  • Editorial Board

    Managing Editors:

    Jian-Zhong Zhang
    University of Missouri

    Izabella Laba
    University of British Columbia

    Sinai Robins
    Temple University

    Editorial Board:

    Imre Barany
    University College, London

    Peter Borwein
    Simon Fraser University

    Basil Gordon

    Basil Gordon

    Andrew Granville
    University of Montreal

    Ben Green
    University of Bristol

    Jeff Hoffstein
    Brown University

    Steve Hofmann
    University of Missouri

    Nets Katz
    University of Indiana

    Alexander Koldobsky
    University of Missouri

    Mihalis Kolountzakis
    University of Crete

    Bryna Kra
    Northwestern University

    Michael Lacey
    Georgia Institute of Technology

    Melvyn Nathanson
    City University of New York

    Igor Rivin
    Temple University

    Eric Sawyer
    McMaster University

    Richard Schwartz
    Brown University

    Jozsef Solymosi
    University of British Columbia

    Ana Vargas
    University of Madrid

    Trevor Wooley
    University of Michigan

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