Special LaTeX Characters
9. Math accents 
   \hat{a}    \Hat{a}
   \tilde{a}    \Tilde{a}
   \acute{a}    \Acute{a}
   \bar{a}    \Bar{a}
   \breve{a}    \Breve{a}
   \check{a}    \Check{a}
   \dot{a}    \Dot{a}
   \ddot{a}    \Ddot{a}
   \grave{a}    \Grave{a}
   \vec{a}    \Vec{a}
   \widehat{a}    \widetilde{a}
   \imath    \jmath
   a\sphat    a\sptilde
   a\spbreve   a\spcheck 
   a\spdot    a\spddot   

The \dddot and \ddddot commands and all the capitalized commands
require the amsmath package; the commands in the last seven require
 the amsxtra package.                                                                   

10. Math font commands  
Type Print Type Print
   \mathbf{A}    \mathit{A}
   \mathsf{A}    \mathrm{A}
   \mathtt{A}    \mathnormal{A}
   \mathbb{A}    \mathfrak{A}
   \mathcal{A}    \boldsymbol{\alpha}

The \mathbb, \mathfrak, and \mathcal commands require the amsfonts package.
The \boldsymbol command requires the amsbsy package.                              


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