Special LaTeX Characters
3. Binary operations
Type Print Type Print
\pm            \mp              
 \times         \cdot           
 \circ            \bigcirc        
 \div            \diamond      
\ast           \star           
\cap        \cup        
\sqcap        \sqcup        
 \wedge        \vee           
 \triangleleft  \triangleright
   \bigtriangleup      \bigtriangledown
\oplus        \ominus       
\otimes      \oslash        
\odot        \bullet        
\dagger      \ddagger     
 \setminus    \uplus        
\wr          \amalg       

\lhd          \rhd         
\unlhd       \unrhd      

\dotplus    \centerdot
\ltimes      \rtimes     
     \leftthreetimes        \rightthreetimes
\circleddash    \smallsetminus
\barwedge       \doublebarwedge
  \curlywedge \curlyvee     
\veebar     \intercal      
\Cap         \Cup          
\circledast \circledcirc
\boxminus   \boxtimes   
\boxdot      \boxplus    


This table is divided into four parts. The first part contains the binary operations
 in LaTex . The second part requires the latexsym package. The third part contains
the AMS additions; they require amssymb package. The symbol \And requires the
amsmath package.                                                                                   


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