Special LaTeX Characters

6. Math spacing commands
Short form Full form Size short form Full  form



\!   \negthinspace












The \medspace, \thickspace, \negmedspace, and \negthickspace commands require
the amsmath package.                                                                              

7. Delimiters

Name Type Print
     Left paren (
     Right paren )

     Left bracker


     Right bracket


     Left brace


     Right brace



     Reverse slash


     Forward slash


     Left angle


     Right angle


     Vertical line      


     Double vert. line 


     Left floor  




     Left ceiling


     Right ceiling

     Upper left corner \ulcorner
     Upper right corner \urcorner
     Lower left corner \llcorner
     Lower right corner \lrcorner

The corners require the amsmath package.

Name Type Print

 Upward arrow     


 Double upward arrow


 Downward arrow


 Double downward arrow


 UP-and-down arrow


 Double up-and-down arrow



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